Meet the Team

Kirsty Stanley – Chapter Organiser/President

HPfbpic oct 2012

Hi, I’m Kirsty and I’m an Occupational Therapy Lecturer, PhD candidate and writer. I am a devourer of stories whether I read, listen to or watch them. A Harry Potter obsessive, I attended the first LeakyCon London and discovered the Harry Potter Alliance.

As an occupational therapist and Hufflepuff I’m interested in social justice in many forms including occupational justice. As a writer I’m passionate about the power of stories and starting Phoenix Rising was my way to combine the two.

Jay Sawdy – Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer

Jay Gravatar

Hi, I’m Jay and I’m a self-employed Optometrist.  I’m an avid bookworm, and the Harry Potter series has always ranked amongst my favourite books.  I’m learning to iceskate, attend Bootcamp, am taking a post-graduate diploma in Clinical Optometry and am passionate about travelling.
As an Optometrist and owner of a disabled dog, healthcare and animal welfare are important to me.  I have been involved in charity work in the past, including a trip to Uganda to give eye examinations and various fundraising projects.  The prospect of doing good in my local community whilst getting my geek on is my reason for joining the Harry Potter Alliance.

Nicole Marie – Public Relations Rep


Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m a Communication and media student. I enjoy reading, writing, art, playing guitar, body modifications (in the form of piercings and tattoos) and being obsessive over lots of fandoms! I love animals and am quite a big activist for animal rights; being a vegan it is quite important to me- but really fighting for equality everywhere is my main motivation for joining the Harry Potter Alliance.


Rhianna Webb – Social Rep


Hi, I’m Rhianna and I am currently studying Biological Sciences at BU. Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart as they were the books that first got me into reading as a child and I have had my nose in a book ever since. I also do a lot of Amateur Dramatics and writing when I have the time.

I’ve really wanted to help out in my community and have been a strong backer of social justice for a while now and so naturally I am very excited to be a part of this group. I truly believe in the power of story and that is why I am also excited to work with the Harry Potter Alliance and all of you in such a new and creative way.


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