Phoenix Rising: New Beginnings – e-anthology

Last year our chapter supported a local food bank/soup kitchen ‘Hope for Food’. We collected four car fulls of food, clothing, bedding and a variety of other items to donate (and are continuing to do so). We also donated some quiz winnings to them and, just a couple of days before Christmas they met their fundraising goal to build £5000 worth of funds in the bank so that they can become a registered charity.

But, especially with increasing their soup kitchen to three nights a week, they still need help.

A number of us at Phoenix Rising are interested in creative writing and we are all passionate about the power of stories, and so we plan to raise money for Hope for Food by selling an e-anthology.

Three published authors, two local to the area have each kindly shared one of their stories with us to use in the anthology. I’ll announce who here, once I’ve had confirmation from them that this is okay.

Other submissions will come from members, other willing volunteers and, if possible, we’d love to work with Hope for Food to support their friends to write for us too.

The theme for the e-anthology is New Beginnings (inspired by our chapter name Phoenix Rising) and it is up to you how to interpret this theme. We welcome stories, poems or artwork, even creative non-fiction if it fits the theme.

It is suggested that the maximum word count is 5,000 words with no minimum, we are happy to accept flash fiction also.

Please submit your stories/poems/artwork/creative non-fiction with the reference New Beginnings: e-anthology by the 28th Feb 2014 to Please include a brief author/artist biography (Max 200 words).

You must own the rights to your story, please do not submit fan fiction or use characters that you didn’t create. You will grant Phoenix Rising the rights to use your work for this e-anthology, however you will retain the rights to your story.

The editor (Chapter Organiser – Kirsty Stanley) has the right to decline submissions deemed inappropriate or to work with the author to edit it as needed. However please do aim to submit polished/finished pieces.

If all goes to plan the anthology will be ready for purchase by the end of March.


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