Face Your Boggart

What are you afraid of? Heights, insects, apple toothpaste? 

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Professor Lupin taught Harry and his friends how to face their fears by making light of them. Who could forget Professor Snape in Neville’s grandmother’s clothes?

Here at Phoenix Rising we are afraid of Worldsuck (click here for definition) and in order to fight it our members will be taking part in a Face your Boggart campaign where we will each stand up to one of our greatest fears whilst raising money, both for our chapter and for a variety of charities. We’d love you to join us.

The Harry Potter Alliance is an organisation designed to reach globally and help locally. Whilst some of us will be raising money for local charities we like to think of a global community and are happy to support causes close to each challenger’s heart. Anything that helps to make our world a better place. The Chapter Funds we raise will be used to support us to enact social change in our community.

Here’s how it will work.

  • Donate £10 to our Chapter Funds by clicking on the PayPal button below (in the notes ensure you give us the e-mail you use to access Facebook so we can invite you to the support group).
  • Comment on this page with your name, location, fear and charity (don’t forget to come back and provide a link to your fundraising page when you have it).
  • For your £10 donation to our Chapter Funds you will receive an e-mail inviting you to access a closed Facebook group which will we use for peer support as we all take part in this challenge.
  • Additionally we hope to create a photo montage of us all facing our fears when the challenge concludes.
  • Select your specific charity to raise money for and set your own minimum donation for facing your Boggart (for example for me to face my challenge a lot more than £10 is going to be required!). You might like to use Just Giving or an equivalent organisation to host your fundraising page.
  • Get friends/family to pledge/donate.
  • Practice the Riddikulus spell (on the Facebook page we will support each other with working out how we can make the challenge day less scary).
  • Plan how you will face your fear and carry out your spell.
  • Snap some pictures or take some video of your triumph (and remember there is no shame in crying whilst still being triumphant – she says anticipating her own challenge).

This challenge is open to anyone as long as you are happy to help support our chapter with its plans to decrease Worldsuck.
For people local to Poole and Bournemouth we’d love to support you when you face your fear.
For example a few of us will be heading to a reptile house to combat fear of snakes and spiders. If you are scared of public speaking, we can rustle you up an audience.
For those further afield, why not sign up with a group of friends and arrange a challenge week.

The target month for facing your fear will be May 2014 – we can discuss and coordinate exact dates in the Facebook group.

As for me, Phoenix Rising’s Chapter Organiser/the idiotic person who came up with this idea, I share Ron’s fear of spiders so I will be planning to hold a tarantula. Gulp. Why couldn’t I be frightened of butterflies ;0)

Started my aversion therapy early with this picture I drew of a friendly spider!


If you have any questions about the challenge feel free to post them in the comments below or e-mail me, Kirsty, using the contact form on this page.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 23.29.31


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