R is for… Reminiscence

Gilderoy Lockhart is a wizard whose special skill is memory charms, namely removing the memories of others so that he can take the glory of their adventures for himself. Not a nice thing to do. He makes the mistake of using Ron’s broken wand and his charm backfires and he loses his concept of himself. 

A specific and long lasting memory charm that affects Muggles is called Dementia and many people live with it. We’ve said already that we’d like to support the Dementia Friends initiative.
You can find out how to get involved yourselves here.
One specific technique that can be beneficial to some with Dementia is Reminiscence therapy. We have lots of different types of memory, and often our longer term memories remain intact. Reminiscence uses images, songs, sounds and objects from our past to create feelings of familiarity and comfort. If you know someone with Dementia you could use old photograph albums, newspaper clippings etc to talk about things that happened when they were younger. 
Start making concrete memories for yourselves too, we keep everything digital now but do keep some hard copy memories. Maybe try scrapbooking or photo/art journaling. 
And, at least we’ll ALWAYS have Harry Potter!