F is for… Fandom Forward

With huge thanks to Rhianna for today’s post.

The Harry Potter Alliance as it currently stands is built on the foundation of Harry Potter based activism, however Fandom Forward looks to reach into the wider spectrum of fandom and start utilizing other stories and characters to inspire fan activism.
Fandom Forward is still very much in its development stages and is currently looking at ways to link our favourite stories to real world issues that we can strive towards fixing. The HPA’s current campaigns are all inspired by Harry Potter, however, Fandom Forward looks for ways to link other fandoms to the current Harry Potter campaigns for example the Equality FTW campaign can now be linked to Game of Thrones in terms of gender and social inequality, The Marvel cinematic movies can be linked to social and educational inequality and the Hunger Games can be linked to social, economic and marriage inequality.

Fandom Forward
The upcoming HPA campaign is Accio Books, a yearly book drive wherein we collected books and redistributed them within our community. Accio is the summoning charm from Harry Potter however through fandom forward we find ways to link Accio books to other fandoms. Some examples include Tyrion’s library. In Game of Thrones Tyrion states that his strongest weapon is his mind and he reads to keep his mind sharp. Through Tyrion and his love of reading the HPA can link Accio Books to the Game of Thrones fandom.

What ideas can you come up with that link your favourite fandom to social justice issues?


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