C is for…Coffee

Coffee – how often do you hear those around you say that they need a cup of it? Have you ever felt that way, gone to your purse and realised you didn’t have enough money to purchase the sweet elixir? Imagine that happened on a regular basis?

Suspended Coffees was the brainchild of John Sweeney, and the premise is simple. In venues that support the scheme, when you ask for a suspended coffee you pay for two, receive one and then one is put on hold for someone.

Really though the concept of suspended coffees is about much more than that – it’s about human kindness and connection – random acts of kindness, the simple act of smiling and saying hello to someone.

Phoenix Rising were awarded the Granger Grant to run a Suspended Coffee Campaign that we will be launching finally at the end of this month. If you are based in Bournemouth or Poole, please sign up to the Facebook event where we will be releasing free tickets for the 24th soon (please note we need a little more time to get the video ready so have postponed the event).
At this event we will be having the first viewing of the video we will be aiming to go viral – a harry potter themed take on this campaign. So keep an eye on our social media after this date and please share when you see it.

sc sticker sheet

We’ve also got window stickers to hand out to venues that want to sign up. (We got these from http://www.discountstickerprinting.co.uk/ – with a free check over of the logo and a speedy service).

Here’s one on display in my car.


Have you heard of this campaign before? Ever purchased or received a suspended coffee?
Will you pledge to raise awareness in your town?


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