A is for…Accio Books

So, here’s our first (a little delayed – sorry about that) post of the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

Last year we took part in the Harry Potter Alliance’s global campaign called Accio Books where we collected books of any genre and redistributed them within our community.
As a relatively new Chapter we set our goal at 300 and ended up collecting over one thousand books in total, including some after the challenge had ended (which we can add onto this year’s total).

We were lucky enough to be accepted to be an institutional giver for World Book Night. We gave our books out at a local soup kitchen, and, on this page, you can see the team busy writing details into the books and painting boxes. This year we shall be distributing Skellig and My Sister Who Lives on the Mantlepiece.

We gave a bookshelf of books to Limelights youth centre – including a newly purchased ‘This Book is Gay’ by James Dawson which stands out and proud on the bookshelf ready to give advice to anyone who needs it.

Limelights Bookshelf

We gave numerous boxes of books to Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust for use in their mental health units – providing a meaningful occupation for those people admitted for assessment and treatment.

Books to DHUFT

A small selection of the books donated to DHUFT

Finally we gave some boxes of children’s books to Bearwood Community Centre to help them set up their own library.

Children's books for Bearwood
We’d like to thank Gulliver’s Bookshop in Wimborne and The Coffee House in Canford Heath for being collection points for us and Tesco Tower Park who donated some books and banana boxes. And of course, thanks to everyone who cleared their shelves.

This year we will be doing it all over again and we’d love to match or beat our total from last year.

On Easter Monday we’ll be painting boxes.

Gullivers and The Coffee House have kindly agreed to be collection points again. If you’d like to host a collection point at your workplace do get in touch using the contact page.

This year UK HPA chapters are collecting for Borderline Books who redistribute books they collect to women’s refuges, prisons, and so on. We are very excited to be joint hosting an Apparating Library event in Newscatle later in the year with Borderline Books and the Edinburgh UNIcorns. Further details to come soon. But the idea of this Apparating Library will be for people to come along and take a number of books home for free to start their own libraries. One slight issue we have is that we need to get the books there – if you know of any lovely Courier companies that might be able to help do let us know.

We will welcome any books – fiction or non fiction – but in particular:
Children’s books in any language
Books in any language
Health, Wellbeing and Self Help
Baby care

Young adult books are also popular.

We’d also invite you to nominate some local groups to receive some of the books we collect, although we’d like to donate as many of the above genre books to the Borderline Apparating and Multi-Lingual Library.

We are also hosting an event on Friday 24th April (the day after World Book Night). This will be a book drive for Accio Books, and we’ll also be letting you all see the video for our suspended coffee campaign (for more information see Friday’s post C is for…Coffee). Please sign up for updates on the Facebook event. Free tickets will be available on Eventbrite soon – please let all of your ‘need to clear out their books’ friends and coffee shop/cafe owners know about it. (Due to sickness we have had to postpone this event but we are still after your books – contact us on phoenixrisinghpa@gmail.com if you need to arrange a drop off).


Sooo how easy would you find it to give away your books?


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